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185,000 SF


LEED Silver Certified

Leading the Way in Transformative Health Education and Impactful Research

Consolidating departments scattered across various campus sites, the Health and Human Services Building serves as a central hub for Nursing, Social Work, Applied Health Sciences, and Kinesiology, Recreation, and Sport. This unified space fosters faculty collaboration in teaching, research, and community outreach projects.

The Impact

The four-story glass addition and renovation seamlessly blends contemporary and traditional architecture, serving as a vibrant center for health promotion and social wellness at Indiana State University and for Wabash Valley residents. It houses specialized programs like outpatient clinics, advanced labs for biomechanics and exercise physiology, and spaces for physical education and training. Additionally, the renovation includes a rehabilitation of the aquatic facilities, expansion of the indoor track, and the addition of lecture halls and nursing simulation suites, enhancing both academic and recreational offerings.

Beyond its physical enhancements, the facility fosters community engagement, student development, and sustainability. By incorporating energy-efficient systems, it not only modernizes the campus but also sets a precedent for eco-conscious building practices in the region. This revitalized space reflects a commitment to holistic well-being and educational excellence, enriching the campus experience for students and residents alike.

In a Simulation

The RHIC Simulation Center prepares students from 30 health professions for real-world scenarios, integrating classroom theory with practical skills and interprofessional teamwork. As Indiana’s first accredited center by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, it ensures students are ready to excel in diverse healthcare environments.

A Green Oasis

The wellness garden courtyard offers more than just greenery; it’s a fully accessible oasis fostering outdoor learning and spontaneous collaboration amid nature.


The new entryway guides users along a pathway adorned with native plantings and lush landscaping, instilling a deep connection with nature before they even reach the front door.

Illuminating Research

The main clerestory-lit spine unifies the building, revitalizing each research department with healthy learning environments that foster student fellowship, social wellness, and continual change.

Active Living

The daylit stair spanning all five floors encourages users to celebrate constant motion, inviting them to actively engage with the building’s vertical circulation.