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201,270 SF


LEED Gold Certified


Cook Cup Outstanding Restoration, Indiana Landmarks

RATIO as Executive Architect in association with AECOM.

Preserving the “Magic of Hinkle”

Hinkle Fieldhouse, a National Historic Landmark since 1987, has been a cornerstone of basketball history, hosting over 5 million fans and iconic events, including the legendary Indiana high school basketball tournament depicted in the 1986 movie Hoosiers. Yet, the aging structure required renovations to preserve its legacy and serve future generations of Butler students, fans, and the Indianapolis community.

The Challenge

Revitalize Hinkle Fieldhouse into a modern, state-of-the-art facility that caters to the needs of students, student-athletes, and fans, while preserving its historic charm and cultural significance.

The Impact

Through an extensive interior and exterior renovation, we transformed Hinkle Fieldhouse into a LEED Gold-certified facility, maintaining its iconic status as the “national cathedral of basketball.” The project enhances learning with academic success classrooms and reprogrammed team spaces, while improving the fan experience with seating bowl improvements, a new sports media room, and concourse renovations. This restoration ensures Hinkle’s legacy lives on, anchoring Butler University in the national consciousness as a guardian of the sport’s heritage.

Reviving its Timeless Charm

Reviving its timeless charm, Hinkle Fieldhouse underwent extensive exterior renovations, including tuck-pointing 282,000 bricks and replacing over 9,700 windowpanes with energy-efficient glass, breathing new life into the then 84-year-old facility.

Pool of Potential

Originally a pool, the west end of Hinkle was abandoned 15 years ago due to maintenance costs. Now, it’s been repurposed into a three-floor space featuring a workout room, academic center, training facility, and administrative offices.

Performance and Wellness

A new sports medicine center, featuring a hydrotherapy unit, and an upgraded weight room – six times larger than Butler’s previous training facility – enhances student-athlete performance and recovery.

Academic Success

An academic center welcomes all athletes, offering quiet study areas and support offices to foster academic success.

Versatile Venue

The Wildman Room features elegant wood paneling, historic murals, and a complete bar setup. Its flexible design allows it to serve as two separate rooms if needed, making it ideal for a range of events.

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