Colorado State University
  • Higher Education
  • Health & Life Sciences

120,250 SF

RATIO as Design architect in association with hcm.

Colorado State University’s College of Engineering envisioned a cutting-edge research hub, uniting minds across disciplines—from biomedical engineering to environmental sciences—to tackle pressing issues in health, energy, and the environment. This vision resulted in a facility designed not only to foster collaboration but to ignite an entrepreneurial spirit.

The Impact

The building’s design serves as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration, carefully structured into distinct zones for laboratories and research offices. These areas are seamlessly interconnected by a captivating three-story atrium, providing ample seating for collaborative meetings. A transparent glass wall along the lab zone offers a glimpse into ongoing research activities, inviting visitors to witness scientific discoveries in action. Additionally, the design team collaborated closely with researchers to develop shared equipment rooms, optimizing resources and minimizing duplication of expensive equipment, while still safeguarding environmentally sensitive processes.