Campus Crossroads

Campus Crossroads

Notre Dame, IN

The University of Notre Dame is home to one of the most revered college football programs in the country. While the Stadium has become an iconic venue that offers an incomparable game day experience for college football fans, the 80,000 seat venue’s unique position at the heart of campus offered the University an opportunity to enhance student life and link together Notre Dame’s athletic, academic, cultural and social offerings.

RATIO was part of a nationally recognized design team as the Master Plan and Design Architect. Other team members included: The SLAM Collaborative, 360 Architecture (now HOK) and Workshop Architects.
University of Notre Dame
836,000 SF

The $400 million Campus Crossroads Project creatively utilizes Notre Dame Stadium as a hub for student life, adding more than 750,000 SF of space in three new buildings attached to the facility, including room for classrooms, laboratories, academic departments; an expanded digital media center; a student center; space for conferences and receptions; and enhanced hospitality, clubs and premium seating options. Of importance was the need for more academic and student life space close to other campus facilities, and the desire to foster student/faculty interaction.

RATIO carefully integrated design of needed university facilities while maintaining the integrity of the historically-significant original stadium in its surrounding context of classic collegiate Gothic buildings.