Center Grove Community School Corporation
  • K12 Education

111,000 SF

A Symbol of Educational Innovation

At Walnut Grove Elementary School, education becomes a sanctuary for flourishing minds and spirits. Seamlessly blending collaborative spaces with serene nooks, the school fosters exploration and growth. Embracing biophilic design, it nurtures well-being and connectivity, empowering students to excel academically and beyond.

The Challenge

Amidst the rapid expansion of the community, Center Grove Community School Corporation embarked on a transformative mission to build not just a school, but a symbol of educational innovation for central Indiana’s future.  With a steadfast commitment to three core objectives: redefining the educational model, cultivating dynamic environments prioritizing well-being and inclusivity, and integrating cutting-edge technology for safety and sustainability.

At the entrance, guests encounter a sustainability showcase: solar panels, stormwater systems, and native habitats. Inspired by Indiana’s walnut trees, the design boasts a welcoming two-story canopy resembling a grove, complemented by wood-patterned ceilings. Materials like Indiana limestone and two-toned brick reflect the state’s essence, creating an inviting and eco-conscious space.

Fostering Collaboration & Engagement

The ‘serrated L’ layout unites classroom clusters around central spaces, promoting collaboration and interaction. This innovative design empowers students to thrive together, creating a dynamic learning environment that sparks creativity and exploration.

Nature-Inspired Learning Hub

The Media Center serves as a central hub, seamlessly bridging indoor and outdoor spaces. The iconic ‘Learning Tree’ stands as both structural support and a cozy reading nook, where students gather on turf-covered risers beneath perforated metal “leaves,” harmonizing natural and artificial light.

Emphasis on Collaboration

Collaboration zones foster small group learning in an alternative environment. Glazed operable partitions provide flexibility, offering views of the central courtyard and playground while facilitating gatherings in these dynamic spaces.

Personalized Learning Environments

Personalized learning environments serve as intimate havens for focused individual study, offering secluded retreats for immersive reading, contemplative reflection, and independent study. These spaces foster deep concentration and personal growth, enhancing the student learning experience.

Learning Riser

An interactive two-story platform, strategically positioned at the heart of the school, supports large group presentations and discussions, nurturing collaboration and engagement. Serving as the focal point for educational events and communal gatherings, it enhances the school’s dynamic atmosphere.

Celebrating Achievement

The Success Slide fosters celebration and achievement among students, who rejoice in academic accomplishments and milestones like perfect attendance. This playful addition serves as a vibrant reminder of the school’s commitment to celebrating every success, big or small.