Wake County Public School System
  • K12 Education

364,000 SF

Creating a Campus that Mimics a Higher Ed Atmosphere

Fuquay-Varina High School, originally constructed in 1975, faced significant challenges due to numerous renovations and additions resulting in a complex lacking natural light and undersized facilities for its 2,262 students. We addressed these issues by developing a design to bring the campus into compliance with current Building Codes and Program Standards, optimizing access to natural light, and addressing circulation, parking, and security concerns posed by the constricted site and multi-building layout.

The Impact

Responding to faculty input, we preserved the existing ball fields and drives while renovating the science and CTE wing. Introducing a new 4-story tower with collaborative commons linked to exterior-facing circulation, the design prioritizes wayfinding and natural light. The addition of athletic and performing arts wings completes the U-shaped layout, enclosing a new outdoor learning courtyard for enhanced educational experiences.

Collaborative Breakout Areas

The collaborative breakout areas feature diverse seating options and seamless connections to adjacent classrooms, fostering collaboration and passive supervision. With an emphasis on natural light and outdoor views, these spaces enhance student engagement and promote better educational outcomes.

Social Heart

At FVHS, the outdoor courtyard functions as the central hub, fostering community and supporting various learning activities. Its design, with views from major spaces and abundant natural light, enhances wayfinding and promotes a sense of connection to nature, providing ample space for outdoor dining and classroom activities.

Learning Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere

Transformed by thoughtful rock arrangements, the shaded area under the media center now serves as a dynamic social hub or outdoor classroom, offering diverse activities and reinforcing concepts of collaborative breakout areas, catering to students’ varied preferences for comfort and engagement.

Celebrating Culture & History

Fuquay-Varina, known as the Bengals, deeply honor their tiger heritage, reflected in the school’s design with prominent tiger stripe motifs, such as the abstracted carpet pattern, symbolizing their pride and unity.