Sunman-Dearborn Community Schools
  • K12 Education

28,000 SF

The new East Central High School Natatorium serves as a central campus gateway, hosting regional competitions and community recreation alike. Featuring state-of-the-art facilities, including an IHSA competition-compliant pool, it provides opportunities for swim lessons, club competitions, and school physical education curriculum.

The Impact

Our design features a dynamic ‘tech wave’ motif, echoing through the layout and exterior, with clear glass enhancing visual transparency. The primary entrance to the Natatorium serves as the campus gateway, granting access to high school facilities and athletics. Inside, an IHSA competition-compliant 8-lane pool awaits, alongside modern amenities including mezzanine-level seating for 500 spectators and contemporary locker rooms. Featuring a warm wood deck roof and inviting architectural elements, the Natatorium offers a welcoming environment that transcends standard design practices.

Spectator Viewing

The new pool is an 8-lane “STRETCH 25”, IHSA competition-compliant pool, with both, diving, lap swim, and warm-up/cool-down areas. Seating for 500 is accommodated on a mezzanine-level area with retractable bleachers and glass panel handrails for spectator viewing.

Cozy Connection to Nature

The Natatorium’s tongue-and-groove laminated wood deck roof not only keeps condensation at bay but also adds cozy warmth to the space. Highlighted by soft up-lighting, the natural wood tones create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Vibrant Pops of Color

The lobby features modern architectural elements with wood, tile, and vibrant pops of color, while clear glass fosters transparency throughout the facility, creating an open and inviting environment.

The new Natatorium is the highlight of our campus renovation. The beautiful structure is a source of pride for our community and stands as a testament to the community’s support of our schools.

Dr. Andew Jackson