Denver Public Schools
  • K12 Education

120,000 SF

Designed to Inspire Wonder

Crafted to ignite wonder among its occupants, Park Street School Campus serves as the beating heart of the community, both during and after school hours. With its innovative design, it not only welcomes the community but also seamlessly integrates with the neighborhood, becoming a landmark gateway for all.

The Impact

The project entailed designing a new PK through 5th-grade elementary school, later expanding to accommodate 6th through 8th grades. Exposed structural, mechanical, and electrical systems were strategically placed to enhance learning. Five shared multidisciplinary learning centers promote collaborative education, while flexible, open floor plan classrooms adapt to varying needs.

The building’s design fosters semi-protected outdoor spaces for year-round student and community use, featuring natural elements and spaces for outdoor activities and events. Additionally, a rooftop solar array demonstrates Denver Public Schools’ commitment to sustainability, supplying half of the building’s power.