Wake County Public School System
  • K12 Education

399,000 SF

A Flexible and Inquiry-Based Learning Environment

At Felton Grove High School, an innovative educational vision is unfolding, providing future students with a flexible and inquiry-based learning environment that diverges from traditional layouts. By prioritizing flexibility, enhancing indoor-outdoor connections, and creating a vibrant central commons, the project embodies a dedication to fostering community and enriching learning experiences.

The Impact

Felton Grove High School features a two-story central dining commons, serving as a versatile hub for various activities and events, including assemblies, meetings, and community gatherings. This central space aids in wayfinding by providing physical and visual connections to key program elements, fostering cohesion within the school. Additionally, the school’s design incorporates three-story academic wings, each with breakout commons to support personalized learning experiences, while exterior features like the learning terrace and courtyard enhance outdoor gathering spaces and mitigate topographic challenges.