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21,700 SF


LEED Silver Certified

Premiere Venue for The Big Ten Conference

Located on the University of Illinois’ main campus, Demirjian Park Stadium serves as a top-tier venue for soccer and track and field, enhancing the University’s athletic facilities to a world-class level and facilitating the hosting of NCAA championships. With dedicated team locker rooms, training, and treatment facilities, the stadium represents a milestone as it marks the first time in each program’s history that player spaces are located adjacent to the competition venue.

The Impact

Demirjian Park Stadium’s innovative design boasts dual grandstands, offering superb sightlines of both soccer and track events. Enhanced spectator experiences are ensured through careful consideration of detail, including new lighting, speakers, and a video board for optimal viewing and hearing clarity. Accessible seating options at the top and bottom of the bleachers cater to diverse viewing preferences.


Prioritizing occupant well-being, the stadium features prominently placed open stairways, promoting physical activity and connecting visitors seamlessly between levels. These stairways, flanked by glazed curtain walls, provide additional perspectives of the venues, enriching the overall experience for spectators.

The Illini Lounge

The Recruit Lounge provides panoramic views of the track and soccer venues. This versatile space fosters interaction among athletes and teams, while also serving as a hub for donor events, meetings, and VIP gatherings on game days. With adaptable furniture and direct access to open-air concourses, it facilitates relaxation and breaks, while the fully equipped kitchen supports nutritious meal preparation during training.

LEED Silver Certified

The stadium prioritizes energy efficiency, achieving a 20% reduction in overall energy performance with a 10% renewable energy offset from the university’s solar farm. Additional features include a 35% indoor water use reduction, 85% diversion of construction waste, healthy materials, enhanced indoor air quality, thermal and lighting control, access to views, and open/active stairways.