Wabash Valley Power
  • Workplace

63,000 SF


Honor Award, AIA Indiana

Powering Sustainable Innovation

As a leader in the Utility and Energy Sector, Wabash Valley Power (WVP) leverages its state-of-the-art 63,000 SF headquarters to pioneer innovative approaches to sustainable energy transmission. Inspired by its surroundings, the building embodies the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship while strategically positioning itself for future growth and collaboration with its 23 cooperatives.

A Blend of Nature and Functionality

The building’s curved design, inspired by the roundabout, preserves trees within the wooded area. Exterior materials are chosen for functionality. The conferencing wing, designated for board meetings, controls views and daylight for focused conversations. Clad in solid Kasota Stone, it symbolizes the corporation’s strength and solidity.

Conversely, the office wing prioritizes views and daylight for an energetic workplace. Clad in tall, curved glass panels, it offers wooded views and controlled daylight from the east, and expansive views from the south and west, reflecting organizational transparency.

Designing for Movement

Two open monumental stairs in the corridor offer easy access between floors, promoting employee wellness by encouraging movement and reducing reliance on elevators.

Enhancing Views

Supplementing on-site trees, the building features vertical and horizontal exterior sunshades integrated into the glass framing, enhancing aesthetics while controlling sunlight and reducing glare.

Fusion of Agriculture

The entry lobby features ‘Oriented Members’, an art installation crafted from indigenous walnut and polished stainless steel, symbolizing Wabash Valley Power Co-Op’s fusion of agriculture and industry.

“It is seldom that as architects we are able to complete a project where the landscape, the interior, and finishes all work together for the benefit of the user. This project is one of those rare cases.”

AIA Jury Comment