• Workplace

225,000 SF

A Striking Tech Magnet

OpenLane (previously KAR Auction Services) has undergone a digital transformation, now selling half its vehicles online. With a focus on technology and talent, the $2.4-billion company aimed to create a global headquarters that fosters collaboration, provides an exceptional workplace for local team members, welcomes global employees, and boasts stunning architecture within a suburban setting.

The Impact

The interior design focuses on programming and understanding employees’ needs upfront. The result is a layout featuring ample meeting, collaboration, and social spaces, along with essential amenities like a coffee shop and clinic. Centered around a monumental stair, the layout transitions from energetic social zones to quieter work areas, offering privacy-on-demand spaces for maximum flexibility. The exterior design reflects a sleek, black, all-glass aesthetic, creating an unexpected suburban landmark that draws attention and solidifies OpenLane’s global headquarters as a magnet for tech talent.

Monumental Stair

Situated at the corner of the building, the monumental stair is visible from the exterior. A metaphor for bringing different business units together, it connects two wings of the building. the rear-fender curvature of sports cars inspired the design.

All-Glass Building

The desire for a sleek, all-glass building drove a need for solar gain mitigation and glare control. In addition to daylight harvesting shade control on the east and west facades, and the use of a darker glass color overall, a subtle gradation transitions from greater opacity near the majority of assigned workstations, to less opacity and eventually non-tinted glass at the corner to reveal the monumental stair.

Social Hub + Amenities

A social “hub” of open meeting and conversation space located adjacent to the monumental stair on every typical work floor serves as a natural platform for interaction, openness, and connectivity. Shared amenities like a coffee bar, copy center, open kitchenette, lounge seating and primary conference rooms lead to this center of activity.