Cummins, Inc.
  • Workplace

180,000 SF


Honor Award, AIA Indiana

RATIO as Executive Architect in association with TenBerke.

Shaping the Future

Cummins, Inc., a global manufacturing powerhouse and advocate for iconic architecture, initiated an international competition to conceive its cutting-edge headquarters, poised to enhance productivity, embody progressive corporate values, and attract top talent on a global scale.

Meeting Challenges with Innovation

The 9-story tower offers abundant flexible open office space for Cummins employees, maximizing natural light and energy efficiency with narrow floor plates and a high-performance glass façade. Street-level retail and a spacious public plaza invite visitors to the four-acre site, activating downtown Indianapolis.

Facing a tight 28-month timeline due to an expiring office lease, Cummins pursued a fast-track design and construction schedule. Early procurement of the glass façade, facilitated by a design-assist contract, was essential. Close collaboration among architects, consultants, and contractors swiftly resolved the final façade and sunshade system, ensuring timely delivery of the innovative design within the challenging timeframe.

Flexible and Collaborative Spaces

Crafted to enhance productivity, embody progressive values, and attract top talent, this modern workspace showcases Cummins’ commitment to excellence and innovation in recruitment.