Centra Credit Union
  • Workplace

55,000 SF

Championing Growth, Community, and Well-being

Centra Credit Union’s new headquarters reflects their commitment to growth, community, and employee well-being. Rooted in Columbus, Indiana, Centra’s decision to stay local underscores their dedication to their origins and the community they serve. With a focus on member and employee care, the new headquarters embodies Centra’s values and enhances their culture.

Design Impact

From locally sourced Bedford limestone to the embrace of natural wood and rain gardens, every facet of Centra’s architecture, both inside and out, echoes the essence of this home-grown company, projecting a modern and visionary spirit.

This integrated design ethos unites the Centra team, facilitating collaboration and innovation. With dedicated spaces like teller training rooms, research areas, and communal gathering spots, the company is poised to deliver exceptional service to both its credit members and staff, embodying its commitment to excellence.

Brand Identity

Brand identity takes center stage, highlighted by the three-story feature wall stretching from the site entry to the social hub, creating an inviting backdrop that invites views into the building interior.

Fostering Culture

Strategically placed dedicated, yet adaptable huddle spaces throughout the building foster Centra’s collaborative work culture.