• Workplace

1,500,000 SF

RATIO as Design Architect in collaboration with Gansam Architects & Partners as Associate Architect.

Centropolis made history in the heart of Seoul’s downtown business district with its sale of over $1 billion prior to occupancy, the largest single real estate deal in South Korean history. The exterior wall is comprised of unitized glass and an articulated porcelain panel system that pays homage to the motif found in traditional Korean stone walls.

The Impact

The two 26-story office towers allow a view corridor through the center, reducing the effect of the area’s heavy visual density. The lower rise podium, designed on a more human scale, centers pedestrian circulation by providing unobstructed access on the ground level as well as a rooftop garden.

Delicate historical artifacts from the country’s past found during the initial phases of construction are now displayed in a curated museum gallery. Incorporating sustainable design and building performance strategies, Centropolis was awarded LEED Gold.