The Community Library

The Community Library

Ketchum, Idaho

The Community Library is an atypical non-profit library providing services to the picturesque Sun Valley community. The 29,000 SF library was initially constructed in 1976 and completed through a series of expansions in 1986 and 1996. The rich literary history of the community is celebrated through the mountain lodge architecture housing the extraordinary breadth of the library’s collections.

The Community Library Association
29,000 SF

Through a series of design workshops, the library realized the necessity to create a campaign to “renew their library.” Through the $11 million generosity of the community, the library was renewed with reimagined spaces reflective of 21st century library services.

Designing for Change

A significant environmental factor in the project was the reuse and repurposing of the existing nearly 50-year-old building.

The greenest building is the one that already exists.

Designing for Resources

An informed selection of materials and products to reduce product-cycle environmental impacts while enhancing building performance was critical to the project.

Designing for Equitable Communities

The Community Library project embraced design initiatives that reinforced the notion of designing for equitable community.