Anythink Libraries
  • Civic & Cultural

Changing all the Rules

Anythink libraries are places of imagination, of play, of lifelong learning. Their friendly layouts take a page from bookstores, welcoming and casual. You won’t find any institutional gray or the Dewey Decimal system here either. Books are arranged by subject and socializing is encouraged.


These innovative spaces serve the needs of neighbors — for lifelong learning, career education, and cultural engagement. They’re wildly popular, internationally admired, and transformational, enhancing the lives of people in the community.

Adjustable Rooms

Shelving is used to create smaller spaces or “rooms”. When the library needs to adjust for new uses or larger groups, the shelves are easily rearranged.

Bookstore Inspiration

The innovative layout of Anythink Libraries takes a page from bookstores. Visitors can read in a quiet nook, host a book club gathering, play, and listen to music; you name it.

A Friendly Welcome

In the front zone, library guides greet visitors and help answer questions against a friendly backdrop, which includes a café and a new-releases book display.

On the Lawn

Outdoor spaces create opportunities for reading, outdoor meetings, and events.