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Preserving the Future

With over 400 parks, monuments, and memorials under its care, the National Park Service is entrusted with preserving the rich stories of America. Through collaborative projects with the System’s regional offices, our goal is unwavering: to honor, protect, and celebrate history, fostering lasting engagement for residents and visitors alike.

The Impact

With decades of experience and longstanding partnerships, we are often enlisted early to assess and recommend preservation strategies, particularly for new or deteriorating sites within the National Park Service. Recent projects, including restoring Jimmy Carter’s 1976 campaign headquarters and Martin Luther King Jr.’s Atlanta home, exemplify our interdisciplinary approach in collaboration Regional Offices.

Our role encompasses research, design, and construction integration, often resulting in detailed historic structure reports that illuminate a site’s past and inform its future care. Advanced techniques like laser scanning ensure meticulous documentation without harm. This comprehensive approach not only restores structures and architectural features but also uncovers hidden histories, fostering community pride and participation in stewardship efforts, revitalizing entire regions in the process.

Robert Scruggs House, 1928
Robert Scruggs House, 2017

Cowpens National

As preservation architect on an interdisciplinary team, we documented current conditions and reviewed original documents in preparation of three Historic Structure Reports for Cowpens, providing a roadmap for ongoing preservation, maintenance, rehabilitation, restoration and interpretation of the Washington Light Infantry Monument and the associated Richard Scruggs II House Ruin & Martin Barn Foundation and the Robert Scruggs House.

“These projects give us a unique opportunity to tell rich stories of history, and to teach.”

David Kroll
Principal and Director of Preservation, RATIO Design
San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan National Historic Site

Built in 1644 to protect San Juan harbor with crossfire, but abandoned since 1876, Fortín San Juan de la Cruz (El Cañuelo) was the least documented of San Juan historic fortifications. We led efforts to document the site’s current form using laser scans, develop plans and elevation drawings depicting the building, investigate causes for its deterioration and make recommendations to ultimately guide its restoration.

George Rogers Clark Memorial, 1930
Vincennes, IN
Vincennes, IN

George Rogers Clark Memorial

This circular, domed, granite structure was built in the 1930s to commemorate an important victory in the American Revolution, and is the largest memorial of its kind west of Washington DC. Preserving the memorial and its picturesque site on the banks of the Wabash River required a focus on waterproofing and drainage, and on the correction of structural deficiencies that would restore the memorial to something more representative of its original design.

Dayton, OH

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Site

After completing a Historic Structure Report for the house at 26 South Williams Street, we produced design documents to convert the building into office space for the Aviation Heritage Foundation. The team also completed improvements to Wright-Dunbar Plaza and the Wright Brothers Cycle Shop, preserving key resources that tell the story of the birth of aviation.