• Mixed-Use
  • Residential

2.2 million SF

Simplicity in Seoul

Located on a triangle of land at the edge of Seoul Forest Park, three black-and-white towers offer a calm counterpoint to the chaos of the city. Austere and graphic, the residential towers are clad in white porcelain, and the office tower continues the vertical grid. A retail arcade sits at their base, uniting all three towers and providing convenient amenities.

The location is ideal for Seoul professionals, with easy access to two major downtown centers. During the day, office spaces are active, and in the evening retail and residential come alive.

exterior photo looking up the residential towers
East View from Below
Mullion-free Windows

Panoramic Views

On the southside (or park side), the apartments at Acro Seoul Forest offer the height of luxury. The unique T-shape of the residential towers — and their mullion-free windows — create 270 distinct panoramic views.


East view Balcony
Perimeter Columns

Columns are even pushed to the perimeter of each unit for maximum interior customization, providing an ideal balance of transparency and privacy.

A Calm Counterpoint

With its abject simplicity, Acro Seoul Forest is a welcome respite in the heart of the city.