Mackenan Property Group
  • Mixed-Use

350,101 SF

A Shining Sustainable Neighborhood Emerges

Established in the mid-19th century around railroad infrastructure, Cary, NC, grew rapidly, culminating in its incorporation in 1871. Now, 150 years later, Number 5 emerges as a pivotal anchor, seamlessly connecting downtown vibrancy with serene residential neighborhoods.


Featuring 180 residential units surrounding a six-level parking garage, alongside ground-floor retail and restaurant spaces, Number 5 prioritizes pedestrian experience and dynamic engagement. Its design includes two exterior courts hosting retail and restaurant venues, complete with outdoor seating near a prominent roundabout intersection, enhancing pedestrian flow and providing an immersive urban environment.

Capitalizing on the natural grade change, shared amenity spaces and a pool deck span multiple building levels, offering panoramic views from covered breezeways, balconies, and rooftop terraces, ensuring an immersive resident and guest experience.