Atlantis Community Foundation
  • Residential

87,000 SF

Equity, Respect and Impact

Since the 1970s, Atlantis Community has passionately championed disability rights. Their multifamily project not only provides a respectful living environment but also generates revenue for broader outreach efforts. With Atlantis Community Inc.’s offices integrated within, the building becomes a nexus for ongoing community engagement, amplifying advocacy for accessibility and independence, and fostering a more inclusive society beyond its physical boundaries.

Welcoming, Joyful Aesthetic

Atlantis Apartments is a 60-unit residential building featuring a mixed-use podium that includes space for community gatherings, offices for Atlantis Community Inc., and a museum. A physical manifestation of the client’s optimistic vision and mission, the building is a modern landmark in downtown Denver’s historic Baker neighborhood with a welcoming, joyful aesthetic inside and out. The ground-level spaces, adorned with glass curtain walls, promote openness and transparency, inviting the community in, while sturdy brick foundations symbolize support for the residences above.

Universal Design

Driven by the vision to establish one of the nation’s most accessible buildings, the project surpasses ADA standards by embracing universal design principles to serve individuals with diverse abilities. Through design interventions such as sensory elements and wayfinding cues, the building endeavors to normalize accessibility. Notably, 25% of its units are exclusively reserved for persons with disabilities, creating a transformative space where individuals can navigate their lives with dignity and autonomy, amplifying the message that every person deserves an inclusive and supportive place to call home.

This world-class building brings to life an opportunity so desperately needed by the disability community in Colorado and is the first of many yet to come.”

Lloyd Lewis
Atlantis Community Foundation board chair

Animated Colors, Texture & Lighting

Colorful corridors with bold contrasts at key intersections and doorways ease navigation for visually impaired residents and visitors, while integrated technology and lighting systems, including doorbells that trigger flashing lights, help the hearing impaired.

City Lifestyle

Variations in the building’s massing not only distinguish the community spaces from the private apartments, but also create terraces that give residents space for outdoor gatherings, fresh air and quiet reflection.

Amenitites for Every Need

Additional features include an independent-skills teaching area, 4,300 SF of courtyards and terraces, 300 SF of common area on each resident floor, an exercise room, media center, dog washing station, and a multi-use mudroom and workshop with provisions for bicycle and wheelchair repair.