• Mixed-Use

1,400,000 Square Meters

A city-sized development, designed at the human scale.

The Wuhan International New City is a 1.4 million m2 mixed-use development located in the Hanyang district of central Wuhan, the most populous city in Central China.

Though primarily a residential development, the site also features 100,000 m2 of commercial space, a hotel, a kindergarten, public service buildings and cultural amenities – a true urban destination for residents and visitors alike.

The Impact

Because of the site’s enormous size, much thought was given to creating a human-scaled urban environment. Inspired by precedent cities like Paris and Tokyo, the design team incorporated scaled-down block sizes and a robust pedestrian plan to increase connectivity and encourage a vibrant streetscape.

Finally, the need for resiliency and water management were key drivers for the design of this development, which is surrounded by canals and the Yangtze and Han Rivers. Streets, parks and other green connections serve a dual purpose as sustainable infrastructure, acting as “sponges” that collect and disperse rainwater throughout the site.