Town of Normal, IL
  • Civic & Cultural

250,000 sf

Creating Vitality

Uptown Station, nestled in downtown Normal, serves as a bustling multimodal transportation center, offering a multitude of transit options including Amtrak, intercity buses, and local shuttles, driving economic vitality in the region.


Uptown Station meets the rising demand for Amtrak travel along the Chicago-St. Louis route. With a 390-space parking garage offering affordable parking and six electric vehicle charging stations, it encourages patrons to walk rather than drive, contributing to the Town of Normal’s efforts to reduce car dependency.

The station also includes a range of amenities, from a ground-floor sandwich shop to the Town of Normal’s municipal offices on the upper levels. Surrounded by local shops, a major hotel, eateries, and a children’s museum, its design blends modern and traditional architectural elements. Its iconic clock tower signifies its civic significance, while its strategic location along The Constitution Trail enhances accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists.

A Lasting Impression

We helped enhance the facility’s interior space with a custom floor terrazzo inlay design that showcases four different modes of transportation Uptown Station supports. Measuring 16 feet across, the Art-deco inspired graphic is made of terrazzo, a composite material consisting of marble, quartz, granite, and glass that was poured in place.