Town of Zionsville, IN
  • Parks & Recreation

35 Acres

Mulberry Fields, Zionsville’s vibrant community park, is nestled on a sprawling 37-acre former farmstead. Following a master planning process, we were chosen to bring this vision to life, creating a dynamic space for all to enjoy. With its array of amenities, Mulberry Fields has quickly become a beloved destination, rivaling even the largest parks in the region.


Mulberry Fields Park isn’t just a recreational hub—it’s an immersive experience. From the adrenaline rush of the large skate park to the serene beauty of the native prairie areas, every corner invites exploration and appreciation. As visitors enjoy amenities like biking trails, a splash park, picnic shelters, sledding hills, and athletic fields, they’re also enlightened by RATIO-designed signage highlighting the crucial role of native plants in preserving biodiversity.


Children can trace the journey of water runoff as it trickles down a crafted creek, adorned with rocks and stone slabs. Along the way, they’ll discover inviting spots for playful water exploration and imaginative adventures.


Through colorful graphics and clear copywriting, visitors can discover how plants like Coneflower, False Sunflower and Liatris found throughout the park play vital roles in purifying water, providing habitat, and enhancing the landscape year-round.