Chicago Park District
  • Parks & Recreation

2,800 SF

Adaptable Community Space

Located in Chicago’s West Town community, the new Maplewood Park Fieldhouse serves as a versatile community space, supporting the Chicago Park District, youth athletics, and seasonal activities. This modern facility replaces an underutilized space, offering 2,800 SF of multifunctional club rooms, Park District office space, and food prep areas to meet diverse needs.


The design pays homage to the community’s architectural character, featuring a roofline mirroring the neighborhood’s traditional hip-roof style and a brick pattern reminiscent of Chicago’s urban fabric. Affordable and sustainable materials that are robust and locally sourced, such as brick and timber, were used to reduce carbon footprint and overall need for maintenance. The finishes used on these materials are also safe for air quality as well.

Cut and Fold

Inspired by the playful “Cut and Fold” children’s game, the faceted roof system creates dynamic outdoor spaces, including a shaded courtyard by the playground.

L Shape

The efficient “L” shape creates space for a shaded exterior courtyard adjacent to the park’s playground area.

Brick by Brick

Creative masonry and a faceted exterior design amplifies the new facility’s identity within the community.

Passive Design

Passive design strategies, such as ample daylighting and operable windows, alongside energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting minimize energy consumption and improve air quality.