Fishers Central Green

Fishers Central Green

Fishers, IN

The fast-growing suburban community of Fishers, IN, selected RATIO to redesign its Central Green to enlarge the existing performance venue and develop additional amenities that would make the space more inviting on a day-to-day basis.

City of Fishers

RATIO’s design featured a plaza, water feature, pavilion, playground, shaded terraces, enhanced lawns, and a new amphitheater that would accommodate larger groups and result in a better performance experience. With these improvements, the Central Green would become a frequent destination for a wide variety of activities throughout the year, playing a critical role in Fisher’s quality-of-life and economic development initiatives.

To meet the City’s fast-tracked schedule in anticipation of the 2018 concert season, RATIO moved quickly through visioning and design and proposed the inclusion of a construction manager to streamline the process.