Federal Hill Commons

Federal Hill Commons

Noblesville, Indiana

The main plaza is a flexible space designed to serve as the venue for the farmer’s market throughout the summer and a skating rink in the winter. An adjacent playground and shelter help to activate this space. Permeable pavement and bioswales discreetly filter stormwater in the parking areas before it flows to the river.

City of Noblesville, Indiana
6.5 acres

The park’s buildings include public restrooms and a concessions / storage facility and a renovated former bank building which now serves as a VIP venue and green room for performers. Pedestrian paths provide access to all parts of the park and create connections to the adjacent neighborhoods.

As a gateway to Noblesville’s historic downtown, the park draws in visitors with community events, play areas, and flourishing green spaces. It accommodates the city’s rapidly growing population, making it a catalyst for nearby development and establishing it as a community centerpiece.