Champaign Park District
  • Parks & Recreation

38,000 SF

Social, Physical, and Mental Enrichment

Located in a previously underserved neighborhood, the Martens Community Center aims to provide an inclusive space for engagement, learning, and growth across diverse backgrounds and ages. With a focus on continuing education and well-being, the center proactively removes barriers to access for all individuals.

A Vibrant, Inclusive Hub

Design equity is at the core of the project, evident in features like a barrier-free lobby and inclusive restrooms. The center’s impact extends to providing a safe storm shelter and embracing the Latinx community with bilingual signage and vibrant wayfinding portals. Flexible multipurpose rooms seamlessly transition from afterschool activities to larger events, while donated musical instruments in the media center foster creativity and collaboration. Common areas throughout promote meaningful human interaction, solidifying the Martens Center’s role as a vibrant and inclusive community hub.

Art and Movement

Collaborating with local school children, a local artist designed a custom mural that vividly captures their dreams and aspirations.

Nourishing the Body

An instructional kitchen, alongside a community garden, equips residents with culinary skills and promotes healthy eating habits in a neighborhood without nearby grocery stores.

Nourishing the Mind

An Innovation Center, powered by the local university extension, provides STEAM programming. Offering public workshops, computer-aided English learning, 3-D printing, and robotics classes, it empowers individuals with the tools and knowledge to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Peace of Mind

The strategic layout of the wellness center and group fitness rooms, coupled with glass panels overlooking the indoor play area, enables caregivers to supervise children while participating in fitness activities.