We are thrilled to announce that Atlantis Apartments received an Eagle Award, presented by Housing Colorado.

This prestigious award celebrates extraordinary accomplishments and outstanding leadership in housing and support services. The award honors individuals, agencies, projects, and programs that soar to new heights in their work to ensure safe, fair, affordable housing for all Coloradans. Learn more about the program.

Since the 1970s, Atlantis Community has fervently championed disability rights. Atlantis Apartments not only provides a respectful living environment but also generates revenue for broader outreach efforts.

“This world-class building brings to life an opportunity so desperately needed by the disability community in Colorado and is the first of many yet to come.” — Lloyd Lewis, Atlantis Community Foundation Board Chair

With Atlantis Community Inc.’s offices integrated within, the building becomes a nexus for ongoing community engagement, amplifying advocacy for accessibility and independence, and fostering a more inclusive society beyond its physical boundaries.

Driven by the vision to establish one of the nation’s most accessible buildings, Atlantis Apartments surpasses ADA standards by embracing universal design principles to serve individuals with diverse abilities. Learn more about the impact this project is making.

Eric Doner, Associate Principal at RATIO, and Pat Coyle, Executive Director of the Atlantis Community Foundation, accepted the award for Atlantis.