Shaping Sustainable Futures

Our studios are committed to shaping enduring, eco-friendly places in pursuit of vital and thriving communities now and in the future.

Among our strategies for deeply integrating sustainability and resilience into our work, RATIO is introducing a rigorous review protocol for the products and materials we select for our projects.

In conjunction, we are signing on to The American Institute of Architects (AIA)‘s Materials Pledge.

Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building, Boulder, CO
Centra Headquarters, Columbus, IN

Product Criteria

Participating in the pledge illustrates our commitment to giving preference to products that:

– Support the elimination of the use of hazardous substances.
– Are from manufacturers that have a clear commitment to human rights in                                               their operations and process.
– Reinforce and regenerate ecosystem health and are in tune with biological lifecycles.
– Sequester carbon and reduce carbon emissions.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Additionally, we promise in our work, a focus on exploring material reuse, disassembly, and adaptability, regularizing waste reduction, and designing long-lasting places capable of adjusting to change over generations.

A Healthier Future

We are inspired by those across the building design and construction industry who are embracing the specification of healthier and more sustainable materials in their projects.

Eskenazi Health, Indianapolis, IN
Smead Aerospace Engineering Sciences Building, Boulder, CO
White Deer Park Nature Center, Garner, NC
Sustainable Technologies Building, Pittsboro, NC
Bicentennial Plaza and Promenade, Indianapolis, IN

Making Headway

RATIO is proud of the headway we are making in this endeavor and embraces the responsibility of joining in the collective effort of shifting this aspect of the economy toward a future that is both environmentally conscious and conducive to human well-being.