Town of Plainfield

1,500 SF

Community Landmark gets a New Lease on Life

Opened in 1954 along US Route 40, the Historic National Road, between Plainfield and Indianapolis, the Oasis Diner had been a regional landmark for generations before it closed in 2009. As the diner sat vacant and endangered by encroaching suburban strip development, the Town of Plainfield, Indiana Landmarks and the Indiana National Road Association worked with the restaurant’s long-time owners to preserve the building.

Before Renovation

The Impact

We documented the Oasis Diner’s history and conditions, explored relocation and rehabilitation options, estimated costs, and provided construction document services to aid in its rehabilitation.

After relocation, rehabilitation, and reopening, the Oasis Diner now sits proudly in Plainfield’s town center, preserving its connection to the National Road and enhancing the downtown area’s entrance.