Scott Sarver

Principal / Architecture

“Design enriches the broader context of a city.”


The great design-city of Chicago is his home, but Scott Sarver is often on the other side of the International Date Line. Throughout his career, Scott has been a prolific designer, creating dynamic urban projects for private developers in more than 40 countries. Scott believes design requires listening over speaking, responding to culture and place, and respect for the fundamental economics. Each project should energize and enhance a community.

For Scott, architecture is a confluence of craft, story, and aspiration — an opportunity for progress. Design should not simply solve technical aspects, but also support and reflect the aspirations of a place. His current work spans typologies and geographies from high-rise mixed-use centers to one of the largest entertainment complexes in the world.

Scott started the Chicago studio with Dae-Hong Minn in 2009 to create lasting value for international and domestic clients and to foster an environment of creativity and expression for designers.

Education & Registration
  • Bachelor of Architecture, University of Kentucky