Lisa Esterrich

Associate Principal / Raleigh Landscape Architecture Leader

Lisa has more than 13 years of comprehensive landscape architectural experience. With a proven ability to provide innovative solutions, in every project she demonstrates a broad knowledge of construction methods, presentation graphics, technical specifications and sustainable design best practices.

Lisa has a wealth of expertise in public/private construction which has derived from providing innovative and sustainable design solutions to each project she has been involved with. She brings a passion for planting design with a focus on native species. Her approach to each project site is to identify and enhance its best qualities while discovering the history of the place that might be told through the proposed landscape. From the masterplan for a 300-acre park along the Atlanta Beltline, to the military history narrative told through landscape features at the North Carolina Veterans Park, she has had a unique blend of past collaborations that make her a strong designer and an effective project manager.

Education & Registration
  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, University of Rhode Island