Wabash Valley Power Headquarters

Wabash Valley Power Headquarters

Indianapolis, IN

A leader in the Utility and Energy Sector, Wabash Valley Power (WVP)’s new headquarters is designed to be a vehicle for developing new ways of advancing sustainability conscious energy transmission. This state-of-the-art 60,000 SF workplace takes its curved form from the roundabout it sits behind, carefully placed on the edge of the wooded area to preserve as many of the trees as possible and represent the duality of the business.

Wabash Valley Power Associates, INc.
63,000 SF

The building organizes itself into two architectural components; the office wing including its operations center, and a conferencing wing, with the site offering a visitor entry through the woods to the east and employee entry to the west. The operations center is the heartbeat of the building with office space extending to the south and the conference center north. From the entry lobby, the primary pedestrian circulation, finds itself along the eastern façade allowing all who visit or occupy the building to enjoy the wooded views as they move along the building. This creates a transparency and openness to the floors that makes them inviting and bright.

Conversely, the operations center is a secure space and clad with the Kasota Stone to protect its contents. The primary program of offices, operation command center, conference rooms, and collaboration spaces are collected in a sweeping glass bar that provides far reaching natural light to energize the workplace.

The architecture was collaboratively developed with WVP and CW to help position the company for future growth and open engagement with their 23 cooperatives.