Urbana Country Club

Urbana Country Club

Urbana, IL

Urbana Country Club (UCC), established in 1922, recently commissioned RATIO to lead the design of several enhancements following inspiration of new ownership and leadership at the Club. With a 10-year period of consistent new growth in family and golfing members, UCC worked with RATIO to develop a new Club Hotel and Spa to replace the original bathhouse and swimming pool.

Urbana Country Club
35,000 SF

The 3-story and 30,000 sq. ft Club is carefully situated as an architectural terminus to the no. 9 green, and as a visual backdrop to the expansive new pool deck and richly landscaped areas.

Programs in the facility include a full-service bar and lounge amenity, a wellness and fitness center, associated pool bathhouse facilities, a day-spa and salon, custom golf simulator training, meeting space, 6 guest hotel rooms with balconies, and 2 guest suites with balconies. The new pool and gathering deck accommodate modern new functions for both competition and recreation.