The Eykamp Pavilion & Koch Immersive Theater

The Eykamp Pavilion & Koch Immersive Theater

Evansville, Indiana

The Museum of Arts, History and Science is a cultural, educational and architectural landmark for the city of Evansville, Indiana. Our design for the museum’s new immersive theater and entry experience builds upon our 2005 museum master plan and the rich architectural heritage of the existing institution.

RATIO as Design Architect in association with VPS Architecture.
Evansville Museum of Arts, History & Science
7,800 SF

Designed as a simple white terra cotta box, the new pavilion functions as a window, giving visitors an interior view of the museum and its three core disciplines. In contrast, the immersive theater’s domed form creates a sense of intrigue and wonder. The dome encapsulates the science wing but represents the other disciplines as well: the rich mottled wood cladding takes inspiration from the ancient artifacts found at the nearby Mann Site, linking the museum to the history of the region and its art.

The completed project increases the museum’s functional efficiency and creates a building image representative of its mission. The modern, daring design establishes a design continuum within the context of the original museum structure, maintaining its distinguished legacy.