Eugene & Marilyn Glick Eye Institute

Eugene & Marilyn Glick Eye Institute

Indianapolis, Indiana

A Vision for Patient Care and Research

Part of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Indiana University School of Medicine, this major eye institute combines comprehensive patient care with innovative research. Our plan for the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Eye Institute and adjacent University School of Medicine Clinical Quad developed a unified, dramatic forecourt for the department, improved site efficiency and created a new green space for casual recreation.

Indiana University School of Medicine
77,417 SF

A plaza patio with exterior seating offers respite for patients and caregivers. Rain gardens and percolation cells eliminate storm water discharge on the site. The clinical quad mitigates vehicular and pedestrian traffic, improving access to the complex’s amenities: a patient care clinical facility, an optical shop, a laboratory research area, clinic examination/procedure rooms, instructional classrooms, a library, and administrative support areas.

The result is a consolidated, effective facility surrounded by lush green space. The revamped design aligns with the institute’s mission and establishes a gateway for the greater IU School of Medicine campus.