Suzanne & Walter Scott, Jr. Bioengineering Building

Suzanne & Walter Scott, Jr. Bioengineering Building

Fort Collins, CO

CSU’s College of Engineering imagined a research environment where faculty and students of biomedical engineering, bioanalytic devices, synthetic biology, health and energy, and environmental engineering could work across disciplines to solve critical problems in health, environment, and energy. The goals resulted in facility that not only enhances collaboration, but drives the entrepreneurial culture. The program accommodates 43,000 NSF of laboratories and research offices; 16,000 NSF of instructional space, and 10,000 NSF of administration and student services.

RATIO as Design Architect in association with HCM.
Colorado State University
120,245 SF

Interdisciplinary centers include a 24-hour Central Atrium, Engineering Success Center, Dry Pod (NIST) Program, Dean’s Office, Data Center, VR Cave, and Design/Prototyping Studios. The teaching pod allows instruction in a lab setting for Water Quality Testing, Unit OPS Thermal and Fluidics, Biomedical Engineering teaching, lab preparation, and lab management.

The SBME Pod houses biomedical research with labs in Mammalian Tissue Culture, Microscopy, Surface Characterization, Micromanipulation, and Electrical Characterization. The BAD Pod houses research labs in Microfluidics/Fabrication, Instrument / Optics, Bioanalytical, Microbial Cultivation, Proteomics /Metabolomics, and Molecular Bio.