Sunway Grid

Sunway Grid

Johor, Malaysia|Residential + Mixed-Use

Located just outside Singapore in the Iskandar development region, GRID is a key component of the 1800-acre Sunway Iskandar, one of the largest real estate developments in Malaysian history. Iskandar is envisioned as a sustainable, strategically located mixed-use district that will help power the future of the Malaysian economy.

Sunway Integrated Properties Sdn. Bhd.
623,024 SF

GRID targets young entrepreneurs and business start-ups by incorporating a unique modular design in its 500+ double-height units. Each unit can be quickly adapted with mezzanines, stairs, and room partitions, enabling users to convert spaces from office to live-work to residential programs of varying sizes.

In addition to providing flexibility and growth opportunity to residents, GRID’s innovative standardized modules maximize building and layout efficiency, streamlining construction timelines and ensuring a maximum return for investors.