Sunway Grid

Sunway Grid

Johor, Malaysia

Playful yet Practical: A Modular Design Approach

GRID reimagines the options for urban life, empowering occupants while maintaining affordability. After selecting a build-and-buy apartment, office, or live-work arrangement, clients customize the layout online. It’s like building with Legos. For a larger office, move a wall. Choose a stairway location. Add a mezzanine. GRID gives the occupant control of the space unlike any other program in Malaysia, offering the freedom to customize an ideal space—and the flexibility for that space to change over time.

Sunway Integrated Properties Sdn. Bhd.
623,024 SF
“Sunway GRID is the first property customization and online purchase system in Malaysia.”

The Malaysia Book of Records

Located just outside Singapore in the Iskandar development region, GRID is a key component of the 1800-acre Sunway Iskandar, one of the largest real estate developments in Malaysian history. The area is growing rapidly and with ecological sensitivity. Sustainability, connectivity, and green design are in the DNA of Johor, a place with open outdoor spaces, walkability, and a network of pedestrian and biking trails. A place where low-carbon lifestyles are flourishing.

This ethos challenged and inspired us to create a vibrant vision for entrepreneurs, singles, and small families with modest budgets. The foundation of GRID’s innovative concept is a program of standardized, economically sized modules of varying scale. In response to the tight floorplans, GRID contains more than 500 double-height units that allow the inhabitants to live vertically with lofts and tall wall-mounted storage. The efficient use of space also streamlines construction schedules, ensuring a maximum return for investors.