Samsung Beijing Headquarters

Samsung Beijing Headquarters

Beijing, China

Samsung Group chose this prominent site in the booming Central Business District of Beijing for the location of their China headquarters. As a leading global enterprise, Samsung required that the design for this tower project the company’s sleek, innovative image while incorporating the most cutting-edge practices in sustainability and workplace productivity.

Samsung Group
1,800,000 SF

The resulting design of this 260-meter, 56-story high-rise tower mirrors the company’s ideals: a balanced space that stands as a visual representation of a global business leader with a bright future in China.

A unique feature of the structure is the double height sky gardens that stack up in the mid-rise zone of the tower, which allow brilliant daylight and clean the indoor air while improving the quality of life in the office environments.

At the top of the tower sits the “Samsung Cube”, an iconic shape that is home to the building’s sky lounge and 360-degree views of Beijing. RATIO designed the highly versatile space with entertainment and corporate hospitality functions in mind. After dark, the Samsung Cube will glow, illuminated in the Beijing skyline as a glowing representation of Samsung’s ideals by night.