Republic Airways Corporate Headquarters

Republic Airways Corporate Headquarters

Carmel, Indiana

Airline Charts Its Course with Integrated Campus

This design-build project creates an integrated campus for Republic Airways in the Midwest, including a corporate headquarters, a training center, and a trainee hotel. Replacing a retail strip, the semi-translucent multi-level buildings create a vibrant hub for one of the largest regional commercial airlines in the United States and bring an influx of new jobs and commercial activity to Carmel. Every year, the airline must train new-hire pilots and flight attendants to cover retirements and job changes and to support its growth plans; now Republic will do so from a centralized location.

Republic Airways
105,000 SF
Spring 2023 (Phase 1)

The pandemic put the project into a sixteen-month holding pattern. Even after the project resumed, supply-chain issues and increased material costs compounded the challenges of a tightened timeframe. Working hand-in-hand with the experts at F.A. Wilhelm Construction, we were able to expedite the process without sacrificing excellence via a design-build approach.

The consolidated campus will help with recruitment, retention, and improved operational efficiency. Republic is excited that the design of its new campus will support these objectives as well as the growth the airline anticipates.

Building Suite

The three-building campus—a training center and hotel in phase one and a corporate headquarters in phase two—addresses an entire organization’s recruiting, training, and retention needs. While each building has a distinct purpose, there is a consistent design dialog among them.


Design choices focus on workplace function and creating an invigorating environment. The angles of the buildings offer sophisticated nods to aerospace dynamics, and a curtain-glass wall allows those driving by to see Republic’s impressive flight simulators, which will be in use 20 hours a day, 360 days a year.



Trainees are on-site for one to three months, and they need to disconnect from work during their downtime. In the 274-room hotel, Republic’s corporate identity is muted to create a mental separation through the environmental cues while tying all spaces together through materials.

Urban Design

The project replaces a strip mall and quadruples the site’s density. We redefined the idea of a “corporate campus” by weaving its uses into a multi-layered urban environment with retail, housing, and the potential for additional workplaces in future phases. This approach amplifies the project’s economic development impact on the community far beyond its immediate boundary.