Lincoln Tomb

Lincoln Tomb

Springfield, IL

Dedicated in 1874, Lincoln Tomb is the final resting place of Abraham Lincoln, his wife Mary and three of their four sons.

Capital Development Board
5,300 SF

The memorial, designed by sculptor Larkin Mead, consists of a rectangular base surmounted by a 117 foot tall obelisk. The interior of the memorial features an oval-shaped entry rotunda and connecting corridors that lead to the burial room. The structure was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1960.

RATIO was selected to document and evaluate the condition of the interior features and materials and develop restoration recommendations, along with associated cost estimates, to return the interior of the memorial to its appearance following the tomb’s 1930 reconstruction. The project cleaned and repaired the decorative marble and restored long-hidden finishes including decorative painting, and gold and platinum leaf ceilings and installed new light fixtures.