Indiana State University Sycamore Towers Housing & Dining Complex

Indiana State University Sycamore Towers Housing & Dining Complex

Terre Haute, IN

The Sycamore Towers Master Plan analyzed the potential future renovation and rehabilitation of the 1964-era Sycamore Towers at Indiana State University for the enhanced use as first-year student residence halls. The analysis of the towers consisted of several interior and exterior modification for the four-tower complex.

Indiana State University
450,000 SF

Exterior modifications include rehabilitation with new insulated windows, and thermal insulation at the existing exterior pre-cast wall panels, and cleaning and patching of the concrete and brick masonry. Additional areas of new glazing will aid in the introduction of daylight and views provided within a new study lounge per floor. The existing roof-top penthouse screening system is also addressed in this Study in terms of aesthetics and maintenance repair.

Interior modifications include: new finishes, lighting, doors and hardware, new mechanical, accessibility modifications, heating, ventilation, fire protection, and power and data systems. The main entry level and mezzanine will include minimal renovation and rehabilitation for support services, administration, group study, and dining access.