Cummins Corporate Office Building

Cummins Corporate Office Building

Columbus, IN

With this current project, Cummins has tasked RATIO with completely renovating its iconic, Kevin Roche-designed Corporate Office Building in Columbus, IN.

Cummins, Inc.
37,000 SF

Originally opened in 1983 and designed to accommodate 700 employees across 320,000 square feet of office space, today the building houses 1200 employees, with 300 assigned to the basement level. The space has not been significantly renovated since its construction and retains its original furniture and finishes.

With these challenges in mind, Cummins began this project with the goals of supporting the company’s workplace strategy, improving employee satisfaction, providing clarity in circulation, connectivity and flexibility/scaleability, and investing in Cummins’ hometown of Columbus, all while maintaining the historic character of the iconic structure.