Tony Steinhardt

Principal / Vice President

“This is a relationship business.”


Tony Steinhardt is a business strategist and a member of the RATIO executive committee. He has a passion for historic preservation and design — in fact, he studied architecture before switching his focus in college. Tony believes his primary purpose is to create strategic long-term value: for the firm, his clients, his team, and the community. He enjoys bringing people and ideas together, and he doesn’t take relationships for granted. Tony knows that every successful partnership requires cultivation and care.

Tony joined RATIO in 1996 with growth in mind. Over the 25+ years, Tony has helped the firm expand to serve multiple markets from five studios, to deliver on the promise of design excellence, and to enhance quality of life for domestic and international communities. His notable projects range from campus enhancements for The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis to the Samsung Headquarters in Beijing, China.

Though he’s laser-focused on the future of the firm, Tony spends time honoring the past. Raised in the riverfront town of Madison, Indiana, he has deep love of 19th-century buildings. In addition to several personal projects renovating homes there, Tony has also overseen RATIO’s adaptive reuse of the Eagle Cotton Mill into a charming local hotel.

Tony serves on a Local Board and a National Committee for the Boy Scouts of America, and he volunteered with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful for nearly two decades. His son and daughter are his proudest accomplishments.

Education & Registration
  • Bachelor of Science, Political Science & Business Administration, Ball State University
  • Stanley K. Lacy Leadership Program Class XIV
  • Certified Professional Service Marketer (CPSM)