Regina Pilot

Associate / Client Development Leader Denver

Regina’s passion for helping others flourish started on the sidelines as a coach. Rare in character – she wants to see others succeed and turned it into a career path. Today, her vibrant and positive spirit breeds connection between people and places as RATIO Denver’s Client Development Manager.

She spent the last decade cultivating strong relationships and brings a mix of leadership experience and marketing skills from working in the AEC industry. Inspired by the firm’s goals and ambitions, Regina puts her understanding of the market, project lifecycle, and technical skills to better use at RATIO. Regina specializes in building long lasting relationships that bring pride to Denver and the Mountain Region whilst pushing our industry’s limits nationally. While she loves a new challenge, it is her ability to unearth clients’ true needs and hopes that help defines meaningful design opportunities for communities. And it’s her connections that make hope actionable.

A friend to all. She’s highly engaged in the local design scene. Regina was voted by peers as SMPS Colorado’s member of the year.